Aircraft Rental

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Aircraft Make/Model Rental Rate (hourly, wet) Instructor rates (hourly)
Cessna 150 N5600G $90.00 $45, $50 Advanced instruction
Piper 140 N95422 $125.00 $45, $50 Advanced instruction
FlyThisSim BATD Simulator $40.00 $45, $50 Advanced instruction

Interested in a 30-Minute Discovery Flight

Aircraft Make/Model Rate
Cessna 150 N5600G $80.00
Piper 140 N95422 $90.00

COMING SOON!! Aircraft Rental

Aircraft Make/Model Rental Rate (hourly, wet) Instructor rates (hourly)
Cessna 140 (Tailwheel) $95 $45 Tailwheel instruction
Aeronca L-3 N49110 (Tailwheel) $95 $45 Tailwheel instruction
Piper Apache (Multi) TBA $60, $75 ATP

*Primary training = Sport, Recreational, Private

*Advanced training = Instrument, Commercial, CFI, CFII

Sightseeing Airplane Tours

Aircraft Make/Model Rental Rate (hourly, wet)
Piper 140 N95422 (1-3 people) 1 Person= $75/30 minutes OR $150/1 hour 1 person
2 People= $100/30 minutes OR $200/1 hour, limit to 300 lbs. combined weight

Buzzard Air holds a Letter of Authorization issued by the FAA to provide sight-seeing tours in the following aircraft within 25 statute mile of the Buzzwick Airport.

  • Tours are limited to 1-3 people based upon aircraft capabilities and weather conditions.
  • All tours depart from and return to Buzzwick Airport (W87), no stops enroute permitted. No international flights permitted.
  • Passenger weights must be shared with Buzzard Air. Aircraft capabilities are based upon individual weight. We understand that this may be a touchy subject, however, we appreciate your honesty and save us from guessing. We take no responsibility for erroneous guesses.
  • No unaccompanied minors under 12 years of age.
  • All tickets are non-refundable following landing.
  • 5% discount for all veterans, students and military with appropriate ID.
  • No smoking, chew, tobacco, vaping, weapons, or drugs are permitted on sightseeing tours.
  • Enjoy yourself and please take all the photos and videos you want!

COMING SOON!! Navy N3N Biplane Rides

Pricing, tours, and details coming soon.